Are you ready for the 2016 tax season?


The questions below offer a snapshot of our tax process.



Have you signed your 2016 Engagement Letter? 

We start the tax process with an Engagement Letter. This agreement defines both our responsibilities to you as well as yours as the taxpayer.


Sign your Engagement Letter


*All other Engagement letters will be sent via US Mail or a DocuSign email from a member of our staff.



Do you have a 1040 Personal Tax Return?

Please click the DocuSign link provided below.


Access your Questionnaire


*Our online system uses a DocuSign interface.  When you complete your forms and click ‘Finish’ you will receive a completed email notification and can print your document for your records.



Have you uploaded all your tax documents to the file exchange folder in your Client Center?

Not sure how? Click here



When your tax return(s) are ready for electronic delivery

You will receive an email from a member of our staff (Jeri Wade or Lisa Zullo) to let you know that your taxes are ready with the following instructions:

  • You will receive a DocuSign email with an e-file authorization form(s) attached. This will allow us to e-file your return(s).
  • Log into Client Center (Not sure how? Click here) where you will see the ‘2016 Tax Returns’ folder.
    Inside of this folder will be all of your 2016 tax documents in printable .pdf format. (We will have one folder for each year’s return and retain your tax records on this site for seven years.)
  1. Your 2016 Tax Return(s). Each return is a separate document
  2. Your Tax Letter from Jon Cook
  3. Your Filing Instructions
  4. Your Source Documents (these were used to prepared your return and are sorted in the same order as appears on the return)


If you have a Paper Return 

We will let you know to expect your returns via FedEx with instructions on where to mail.



Pay your invoice online. 

Once you receive your invoice in your 2016 Tax Return folder, click the following button to pay online through our Secure Merchant Gateway.


Pay Online



Thank you for allowing us to prepare your taxes! As always, please call us with questions at 919-748-9100.